So you’re thinking of building your own website.

But afraid of how long it’s going to take you?

Let’s face it. We’ve all been there.

Excited and enthusiastic about the idea of creating something ourselves, and then discovering that it takes SO much more time than we thought it would.

It might be our tax return, social media imagery or our website.

What seemed like a good idea at the time, actually ties us in knots and turns out to be so much more complicated than we were initially expecting.

So having tried to untangle ourselves, we decide that actually we should just bite the bullet, and invest in hiring someone to do it for us – an accountant, a graphic designer or a web developer.

The value of outsourcing

And so while I’m a huge advocate of passing things off to someone who is more experienced in this area than I am, it does comes with drawbacks.

There is obviously a financial outlay, but more importantly, there is a critical time factor.

And not in the way that you may expect. Because we outsource to save time, right?

Keep in mind these actions which you still need to undertake, when you’re outsourcing.

– You need to fully brief the agency or freelancer

– When they provide a draft, you need to review the work and collate comprehensive feedback

– You need to rebrief any sections which were misunderstood

– You need to be very clear about your timelines, and leave scope for missed deadlines, because when the draft work arrives with you, it may not be at a time that is convenient for you to review it.

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With something that is a repetitive task, such as your tax return, which is done each year, this is a worthwhile exercise, because hopefully, if you’ve briefed them one year, they’re able to work on it in each future year without so much hand holding.  Social media images are similar – you can brief the graphic designer once, and from then on, they should be pretty clued up about what’s needed.

But a website is a one-off project. Which means that every part of it will need briefing, and as your business grows and evolves (which it will), you will need to amend your site accordingly, and go through this process again.

Why timing matters

So why is time so critical?

Because it costs us money.

A friend, and business colleague of mine was telling me the other say how one of her clients was having trouble accessing an online course that she had bought on her website. It took 4 days for her web designer to sort out the problem and in that time, my friend, had to compensate her client for the inconvenience, and she ended up giving her access to her higher priced program which was worth twice the value of the original one. And she had to pay her web designer too.

So she ended up significantly out of pocket.

She has now switched platforms, to one that she has now complete control of, and which she has invested in training in, so she will never be in that predicament again.

So while this example is extreme, it highlights a common issue – time costs money. In many different forms.

In this instance, she had to pay her web guy, AND compensate her client, not to mention the 4 days of emails, phone calls and stress it took her to sort it out.

Challenging a common misconception of lack of time

When it comes to websites, lots of people opt for the route of using a web designer. Because they believe that they simply don’t have the time to invest in learning how to do it properly themselves.

And this is the myth that I’d like to challenge.

Because in today’s environment, I fundamentally believe that you can’t afford NOT to make the time to learn how to create and maintain an asset which plays such a critical element in the success of your business.

But hiring someone will save me time, right?

In principle, maybe. And at the outset, probably. As long as you work with someone who you have good ongoing communication with. So the set up, may take marginally less time.

As a web designer myself, I relish having the opportunity to design sites for clients, so it seems counterintuitive to be encouraging you to learn to do this yourself.

But more than ever, I’m recognising the value of my clients taking my expertise, watching over my shoulder, and learning step-by-step how to create a website themselves.

And in so doing, release themselves of any reliance on me in the future.

And grow their online marketing efforts with newfound confidence.

So I’m just putting it out there, that where you thought you couldn’t afford the time to invest in learning this side of your business, I genuinely think you are limiting your own growth by not making the time.

What if I genuinely don’t have time?

wedding planner homemade websiteAlana Curzon ran through my 12-week WordPress Success Bootcamp whilst working in a fulltime job.

Angi Stevens created her own website whilst running a busy hair salon.

Both of them recognise that the time they have invested in their own training, is having a radical impact on the success of their online marketing.

I honestly believe that it could do the same for you too.

This is about recognising priorities and what is going to move you forwards from where you are now in your business, to the next level.

When should I do this?

The chances are, you’re faffing around trying to figure out the tools you need to do this yourself, or trying to make your existing site better. Many people don’t even realise how much time they’re spending trying to find their way around it.

There’s never been a better time to work through a program which will show you step-by-step how to create a website from scratch, which you can manage with confidence forever!

The WordPress Success Bootcamp

Did I mention that I have just the program for you?*!

The next WordPress Success Bootcamp starts on Monday next week, and I’d love to welcome you aboard.

Here’s what some one amazing client said about the Bootcamp and a membership creation program she ran through with me:

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What will I do with all that extra time I save?

Well, I don’t know about you, but a long walk on the beach sounds like just the ticket!