It’s confusing. I get it! WordPress has two different platforms, intended for different uses, yet they have the same name. And it’s difficult to know which version you should use, or already are using.

Let’s be clear, if you’re running a business, you should be using You can refer back to a previous blog which is a guide to the differences between and to see some reasons why.

But it can be difficult to tell which one you’re actually using.

Here’s an easy way to tell:

Step 1.  Type your domain name into your browser bar and add /wp-admin to the end – eg.

Step 2. Hover your mouse over the WordPress logo and see if it says or at the bottom of your browser window.

Below is an example of a website. This is the self-hosted version, and the one which I would recommend for anyone building a business website. login

Below is an example of a log in area which is great for hobbyists, or for one off events, such as selling a car, or for a special celebration.  You can see that the logo is in the top left hand corner, and this is not apparent on the .org version of the login page. login

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