Vanquishing demons of self-doubt and finding confidence around tech

2 September 2020
Anna-Louise Haigh

Anna-Louise Haigh

Line of Work

Soul Whispering

Anna-Louise’s Key Message

In a world increasingly filled with ‘noise’, distraction and illusion only one voice has your best interests at heart, the voice of your Soul.

Helping you truly listen, trust and act upon the wisdom your Soul is waiting to share is what I teach through virtual and destination retreats and my signature offering, The Way of Your Soul 9-month online programme.

I am Anna-Louise Haigh, The Soul Whisperer and my calling is to help you Awaken Your WOW. 

“I love the fact that I can continue to build my website and gain new skills on the technology side. It gives me something I can manage in a way which parallels my business as it grows.

I’m so proud of it now, and I love it. I’m really proud to share it.”

I had lots of scary stories in my head about how I didn’t think I could do it.

When I started working with Vicky and trusted her, I found nothing was too much of a  problem. My panics and meltdowns didn’t faze her at all and they got less and less as my confidence grew.

And as my website grew, I was amazed at how quickly I was able to get to grips with the basics and then start working through more technical stuff.

It really was a brilliant choice to work with Vicky.”


Over the last 25 years, Anna-Louise had numerous websites built for her by other people, in order to present her growing online business to the world.

While some were better than others, none gave her the experience she ultimately wanted.

She felt she needed full control over her site so she could make time-sensitive updates, expand the site as her offerings grew, and present her business as a direct extension of herself without having to filter her words and ideas through someone else.

While Anna-Louise is a confident and successful therapist, she worried she would struggle with creating her own website. Her biggest challenge was her own self-doubt and fear around what seemed like the impossible task of getting the hang of using the right tools to build a site.



Anna-Louise met Vicky whilst participating in an online marketing course, and was immediately struck by her warmth, and obvious knowledge about web design and marketing.

Anna-Louise was able to observe Vicky’s friendly and patient style as she mentored other participants in that course, and decided this just might be the person to help guide her through transforming her boring and stale site into a true representation of her thriving practice.

During Vicky’s website creation course, Anna-Louise found the material was presented in easy-to-follow steps.

She could always pause the videos and ask questions as needed, and never felt as though she had to struggle through concepts alone.

Feeling supported was a critical part of her success, and she was grateful for Vicky’s ability to guide her through questions while encouraging her to do the work herself so that she could truly embed the skills through practice.


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Anna-Louise’s fears around tech disappeared completely as a result of working with Vicky.

Despite numerous panics and meltdowns, Anna-Louise received warm and patient mentorship every step of the way and ultimately came out of the experience with a website she can fully control and a newfound sense of confidence in her online ability.

Having already done a huge number of updates and revisions since the course ended, Anna-Louise has total confidence in her ability to maintain and grow her site going forward.

What’s more, Anna-Louise is seeing financial results. Because her site is now a reflection of her current offerings, her clients can interact with her material and get to know her and what she does, which makes it easy for them to say yes and sign up for her courses and retreats.

Now that potential clients have the chance to build trust with her through her website before they choose to work with her, she’s seeing an increase in income, meaning that her decision to invest in Vicky’s course has paid her back many many times over.


Creating a website actually has done a lot to reignite my own self-belief and trust that I can conquer pretty much anything. If I can do a website, I guess I can do pretty much most things that I need to do to make my business go forward.”

If you’re feeling uncertain about your ability to build a website because you lack technical skills, Anna-Louise’s story demonstrates that with the right support, you can surpass your own expectations.  

If you want to accelerate your own website journey, side-step all the tech meltdowns, and create your own  client-attracting website from scratch, join my Rock That Website. You’ll get a proven step-by-step roadmap to build your own successful site with confidence.