The Visibility Vault

Creating more visibility, impact and income
in your business

I see you. 

Working so hard, day after day.

To live a life of ambition and ease.

Not accepting a life of constant hustle.

Yet for so many of us, this is a struggle.

A struggle with visibility and technology. 

A struggle to feel in control and able to set aside time to focus on growth.


online entrepreneurship

The Visibility Vault is about empowering yourself in all the things that will drive your business forward, and releasing everything else. 

It’s about knowing where to focus your efforts online and with your website.

And doing so with confidence.

It’s about enabling you to show up as your best self in all of your online messaging.  

It feels liberating and effortless.  

It is about growing your business through visibility.


Get access to resources, tools and strategies
which keep you growing

Access to a vault of training

Access to live and pre-recorded training on a wide spectrum of topics, eg. launching, mindset, website optimisation, blogging and so much more. 

The Success Circle

Pivotal to everything we do. Growing your business strategically through getting solid foundations in place from the outset. 

Weekly Q&A sessions & monthly implementation

Weekly sessions where I can dig into problems on your website with you, and a further session where we collectively get stuff done. 

And 50% discounts on all my monthly workshops

Your investment


This is a journey of up-skilling so you can get stuff done faster and more efficiently.

So you have a community where you can ask questions and stay on track.

These gems in themselves are priceless in your entrepreneurial journey.


One week in The Visibility Vault is just £1.


After that, your renewals are just £39/month – and you lock in that low price for LIFE.

As soon as you join, you’ll get an email with a receipt and a link that grants you instant access to the group.

And don’t worry – you can cancel your membership at any time, no questions asked.

Join for just £1

for your first week.
£39 per month thereafter

You can cancel any time

The way that Vicky works is very powerful & strategic with her finger on the pulse with changes to technology, marketing ideas and valuable sharing of high-quality resources, all focused on my ease to success.

I am a person that needs and welcomes accountability.

I’ve got that.

I needed encouragement to fly, to get out of my comfort zone & to take my visibility to the next level.

I’ve got that.

And most importantly for me, I enjoyed the close-knit friendly community, where I could be open and honest about my lack of technical knowledge and just soak up the direction, encouragement, and support.

I wish to be very vocal in expressing my high regard for Vicky and the amazing business success to be gained from her support.

Veronica Roberts

Uplift Your Life