Solicitor to therapist to online course creator

18 February 2021
Kate Thorpe

Kate Thorpe

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Therapist specialising in treating anxiety and depression

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Kate’s Gifts

I help you beat stress and anxiety for life!  I support you therapeutically, experientially, and practically to stop feelings of overwhelm, fear, and lack of confidence, so you can regain control over your life.  I offer bespoke 121 talking therapy, life-transforming programmes like “Beat Stress For Life” for groups or individuals, or DIY self-help programmes like “Sleep Well for Life” to help you with a specific issue.

Key outcomes

Kate no longer feels held up by other people’s timetables. If she has an idea, whether it be for an online course or something as simple as a new email signup, she has the knowledge and tools to implement those ideas immediately, herself, on her site. 

With a more complete understanding of what it takes to build a new offering and market it using her website as the foundation, Kate sees limitless possibilities in her business. She has the freedom and flexibility to respond to the needs of her clients and the confidence to follow through on new ideas.

Now that she can implement her ideas on the site with ease, Kate is building new income streams. She is creating courses that will help many more clients than she could possibly see one-on-one, all the while generating income for her business. Kate is thrilled by the possibility of being able to help even more people this way. The tools she learned and the site she built with Vicky are the centerpiece of every new offering she creates.

“I met Vicky online through a coaching program and I found her advice and help really spot on. I’m a technophobe, so it really helped to have someone who was patient and kind, and who could explain things in words of one syllable and demo things for me as well, taking me through step-by-step.

Vicky has been a part of my journey really almost since I began it.” 

When I started there was a great emotional feeling of, ‘Oh my gosh, I can’t do this.’ I had a lot of fear and self-doubt because I’m not naturally gifted with technology. But that was overcome because of the way Vicky works.

She breaks things down so easily into bite sized chunks. You’re not overwhelmed, you do it bit by bit, and she anticipates your questions, which is really helpful.

She knows what troubles you’re likely to have because she has worked with so many people and has done this for such a long time. She’s really intuitive in that way. That was so helpful for me in overcoming those challenges, because for me they were huge.”


After working as a corporate solicitor for 20 years, Kate is in her fifth year as a therapist specialising in treating anxiety and depression.

When she became self-employed, she realised there was so much she didn’t know.

Fortunately, she has been working with Vicky for almost the entire time she has been running her own business.

Katethorpe - Homepage


When Kate started her therapy practice, she hired someone to build a website that suited the needs of her business at the time.

However, it did not take long for her business to evolve and she became frustrated by how quickly the site was out of date. 

She wished she had more direct control over maintaining and editing the website, as the developers who built it did not educate her on how to add text or create new pages.

In fact, when she contacted the developers to make updates, she was given numerous reasons why the site couldn’t be changed.

Kate, a self-described “control-freak”, wanted something different. She wanted the freedom to have her website, her cyber-expression, reflect who she is today, not who she was two years ago.

With a business that’s constantly growing and changing, Kate needed to learn how to do this herself. 

Kate also realised there was so much she didn’t know about attracting clients and building a business.

She was looking for more than help building a website, she needed someone who understood how the website fit into the larger picture of building a new business.



Having worked with Vicky before, it was a no brainer for Kate to sign up to Vicky’s course.

She knew she would have lots of questions and wanted to work with someone who could simplify the technical concepts.

She also already knew that Vicky was endlessly patient and warm, which was the kind of mentor Kate needed to feel comfortable with topics that felt out of her league.


Katethorpe - Work with me


It was important to Kate to have control over her website, and the technical understanding to keep it fresh and updated as her business grew.

She also wanted a professional looking website that would invite prospective clients to click around and learn more about her many offerings. After completing Rock That Website, Kate had both. 

During the course, Kate also learned how to express herself engagingly in a way that felt natural, not spammy or overly slick.

Her newfound technical prowess and increased ability to communicate authentically in her website copy gave Kate confidence in her business and herself that she hadn’t felt before. 

It felt like Everest at first, but now I look back and think ‘I got to climb that’.”

Rock That Website is for anyone who does not feel confident with technology and needs an accessible way to learn it.

If you want to build a dynamic, living, breathing website that really reflects who you are and what your business does day to day, and need to find an inviting place to learn without feeling like you’re asking too much, this is the course for you.

If you want to accelerate your own website journey, side-step all the tech meltdowns, and create your own  client-attracting website from scratch, join my Rock That Website. You’ll get a proven step-by-step roadmap to build your own successful site with confidence.