So much more than tools to build a website

14 February 2021
Alana Curzon

Alana Curzon

Line of Work

Wedding planner and baby gift boxes

Key outcomes

Alana was impressed by how much she learned, which went well beyond the tools to physically create a website. She learned what she needed to do with her website to build more traffic, and then keep those visitors on her website. She learned how to guide visitors to purchase from her or contact her. 

After the course concluded, she continued to watch Vicky’s daily live tutorials on the WordPress Happy Facebook group and applied what she learned to her site.

Alana went on to build a second site for her ecommerce business, as well as several sites for family members and friends.

She has gone from scared of technology to “that person” that people go to for technical advice!

Beyond learning what goes into building a site, Alana now understands the stats behind her visitor behaviour and can use that information to make changes to encourage more interactions and purchases. She sees that building a website doesn’t end by hitting publish.

Rather, that is the start of the relationship between her customers and her site, which gives her incredibly valuable information she can use to improve her business according to what her customers actually do and need.

Before Vicky’s course, Alana had no concept of this ongoing relationship, and she knows if she had someone else build her site for her, she would have missed out on this key component of building her successful business. 

Alana has been able to increase her sales because she learned what encourages people to stay on her website and leave their email address on her opt in page. Because of that, she now has direct contact with her customers. Alana has seen an increase in sales because of the way the professional way her website is presented, in a professional way.

She has been told by customers that they feel she has a website they can trust. And, trust is one of the most important things in terms of return on investment.

She knows the investment that she put into building this website has paid for itself, over and over again, because she can see the conversion rate of visits to sales is higher than an average conversion rate.

“I learned more than how to build a website. Now I feel like I can speak the language of websites and the marketing behind them. I have received so many positive comments about my site.

It makes me feel good about myself, and having people come to me to ask questions or for advice about what they should do on their site or business is really fulfilling too.

It makes me feel like I know my stuff, and I actually do know it because I’ve been through it and done it, and have built a number of sites now.

Learning these skills that I never thought I would be able to learn has benefitted me far beyond the website itself.

It has changed how I feel about myself

The way Vicky presented the material in the course wasn’t so basic that somebody who has a background in it would find it too easy, but at the same time, it wasn’t too technical for somebody who had no knowledge. It was pitched at the perfect level.”


Alana runs a successful ecommerce business selling baby gifts, although when she initially worked with Vicky, she built a site to showcase her wedding planning business.

When her business changed, her website needs changed as well. Because she doesn’t have as much face-to-face interaction with her ecommerce customers as she did with her wedding clients, she needed a site that could portray who she is as a business and how she can help her customers from the moment they land. 

Little Peanut Company - homepage
Little Peanut Company - product page


Alana knows that she can market her business on various platforms, but ultimately the one place she has control over her interactions with her customers is on her own website.

She doesn’t want changing algorithms and potential site shutdowns to affect her business, so her primary goal in building the site was control over how and when she could reach her customers.

She also knew that if she had someone else build the site for her, the cost of making updates every time she needed them was going to add up. Beyond the cost, she didn’t have the time it would take to email those changes and then wait for a developer to implement them for her. 

Alana had never built a website before and felt a little scared by the technology she didn’t understand.

But she knew that she needed to understand it if her business was going to work the way she wanted it to. She had already researched having someone else build it for her and got quotes that were much too high for her as a new business owner, and those didn’t even include the cost of all the future upkeep.

On the other hand, when she received an affordable or low quote, she wondered how good the site would really end up looking, and if it would be a high enough quality to meet her needs.



During her research, Alana came across Vicky and contacted her to see if she could build her site for her.

But while on the call, Vicky helped Alana believe she was capable of learning how to build a site for herself and laid out the many benefits of learning the skills.

Once she found Vicky, Alana’s decision was easy: here was a mentor who could help her with the technical side of things, the price was not only affordable, and any money she spent with Vicky was actually an investment in herself because she could use what she learned over and over.

Alana went on to make the most of this investment, building a beautiful site in Vicky’s course, and then going on to build more websites after that.

Little Peanut Company - about us website

“Best investment I ever made in myself and my business.

My-First Black and White Sensory Box


Alana was impressed by how the course was laid out.

She found the modules to be straightforward, cohesive, and manageable for a beginner like her.

As I started to go through the course, I realised that I always had support from Vicky. If I came across something that I didn’t understand, I could ask her a question and she would help and support me.

Even now, years later, I see her in our Facebook group, talking to clients and her followers. The amount of information she provides to people, even people who aren’t her clients,  is just brilliant.

It didn’t take me long to make the decision to go with Vicky.”

If you’d like to learn more about Alana’s business journey, you can tune into our interview in the WordPress Happy Community (you need to be a member to watch). If you’re not a member of the community yet, get free access

Alana recommends that anyone nervous about having the time or technical savvy to build their website to trust in themself and trust in Vicky by taking this course.

She says that if you can take control of your own website, then you absolutely should. If you spend a little bit of time and money on learning this skill, you will be set for the rest of your career in business.

If you’re nervous and way out of your comfort zone, by working with Vicky in this course, you won’t feel like that.

If you do come across something during the course that trips you up, know that Vicky has been the most amazing person for explaining things in a really simple way for you to understand.

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