Once you have had a look at choosing a powerful domain name, you want to dive into the nitty-gritty and register it.

I promised I would direct you to a place where you can buy domain names at a reasonable price. I use NameCheap.  There’s a couple of reasons for this.

  1. They have great prices for domains
  2. I like their domain management interface
  3. They usually offer discount coupons. You can use DOMAINDRIFT to receive a discount off a registration today (February 2018).
  4. They offer a free year of WhoIsGuard which means people can’t see who has registered that particular domain. I like the privacy of that so you’re not bombarded with search engine optimisation offers in the first year of registration.

The steps to registering your domain

1. Search for your domain in the search field on NameCheap.

Namecheap domain names

2. If it is available, go ahead and add it to your basket using the icon next to it.

domain available

3. Click on the View Cart button.


4. Include your promo code in the field on the right. At the moment, you can use BACK2SKOOL. You can leave the other settings at their default which will give you the free year of WhoisGuard.

promo code

5. Confirm your order. At this point you will be given an option to log in, or create a new account.

6. Follow the instructions to check out.

7. Keep the login details of your account safe so you always have access to your domain name and the management of it.

Once you have your domain name, your next step is to choose a reliable hosting plan.

Disclaimer: Some of the links that I use in this post and throughout this challenge may be affiliate links. That means that I may be paid a commission for purchases made through these links. It doesn’t cost anything more to purchase through an affiliate link, and I use any commission payouts to advertise these kind of challenges to ensure I’m able to reach and help as many entrepreneurs like you as possible. I will only ever recommend products or services which I myself use and trust. 

This post was part of a Free 10-Day Build Your Own Website challenge in September 2017 and the 5-day challenge in February 2018. I’ll be running another similar challenge in the next couple of months. Join the free WordPress Happy Community to be sure to get in on the action.


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