Delphine's website journey

Looking for a clear framework and pathway

There’s nothing Vicky doesn’t know about how to build an excellent website: she’s always up-to-date on the latest tools and trends, and her tech know-how is matched only by her enthusiasm and optimism!

Delphine O'Keefe

Coach, Embody my Truth

Delphine’s Story

I’m a qualified psychotherapist and coach, and I support people to harness the courage, commitment and compassion to nurture and express their true selves, to live authentic, meaningful and joyful lives. My purpose and joy is in supporting women to reconnect with their inner wisdom, so they can fully express their creativity, passion & gifts.

I do one-to-one coaching with women, focused on foundations for authentic living. I also do in-person, depth psychotherapy work with clients in private practice (in Dublin, Ireland), as well as delivering workshops on embodied mindfulness and self-care for groups.

In my own life, and in my work with clients, I have learned time and again that, through deepening our relationship with our inner self, and building solid self-nurturing foundations, we can relate more authentically to others and express our true potential in our life and work.

I know that there is a heavy price to be paid for external achievements that deny one’s real inner needs.  Having worked for many years in communications and social justice advocacy, I have seen many – women in particular – stretched to their limits and working miracles without adequate supports or resources. They end up in survival mode instead of thriving, and experience guilt, anxiety, frustration, overwhelm and self-doubt on the inside.

There are many complex reasons for this. Family background, early childhood experiences, gender roles, cultural norms, systemic inequalities, the ‘gaslighting’ of women individually and collectively, and many other factors intersect, to create a challenging and undermining environment for women.

The result? Women are left depleted and disconnected from their true selves, cut off from their inner wisdom, their bodies, and from the powerful creativity, passion, sensuality and wisdom that resides within each of us.

I joined the WordPress Success Bootcamp as I had worked with Vicky on a previous program, and I realised how important it was for me to learn how to create and manage my own website. Having a clear framework and pathway for building it, along with the support and accountability the Bootcamp provides, were really important to me. I really enjoyed developing more confidence in my ability, learning all the handy tricks within the amazing Divi builder for WordPress, and playing around with the visual aspects (the gold elements really make my heart sing!).

I couldn’t have done it without Vicky’s unwavering optimism and support. Tasks went from seemingly insurmountable, to extremely doable. And it was lovely to learn from other participants and support each other at different stages of our journeys.

I feel really confident that my new website will communicate my message clearly and accessibly, and that it will generate the engagement and clients I need to have a sustainable business. It also feels like a really important container and solid home base for my online business, which up until now has felt rather virtual and scattered.  I’m so delighted to now have this little corner of the Internet to communicate the message I believe in so passionately, and to reach people and have a positive impact on their lives. Joining Vicky’s WordPress Success Bootcamp was the best decision I could have made, at this important stage of developing my business.

Learning to build my website with Vicky’s support and expertise has been a surprisingly fun, creative and empowering experience.”

The process was about so much more than just building a website. It forced me to further define exactly what the purpose of my business is, what clients I want to work with, and how best to communicate with them. As a self-employed psychotherapist and coach, it’s invaluable to have a great website that operates as a vital part of my marketing and communications and links me with the people I want to serve.

The Bootcamp process is super-well designed, with up-to-date content delivered in very digestible chunks that make it all feel so doable. Having regular access to Vicky’s feedback, support and encouragement via the Facebook group is invaluable too.

Anything I want to change or add to my website, I now know exactly how to do it myself. I no longer feel beholden to outsourcing the work to more ‘tech-y’ people than me – it’s a great feeling!