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Want to understand how to plan out your website so it actually brings you clients? 

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Profitable website kit

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Profitable Website Kit

I’ll show you the elements to include for success on your website?

So you don’t have to put up with a lame-duck website that never brings you clients…

Profitable Website Kit

Introducing the

Profitable Website Kit

A complete bundle of resources for the coach & course-creator who wants to map out a website which attracts leads & clients effortlessly before going to the trouble of building it. Or figure out where their current website is failing them.

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You want a thriving online coaching business

The only problem is that your lack of an effective website is holding you back.

There are 3 main hurdles that can stop you from generating the clients that you want from your website…


You’ve tried to create your own website in the past, or paid a designer to do it for you, and you’re disappointed because it’s just not bringing in any enquiries.

How we can fix that: 

When we map out the steps we want people to take on our website, and create a flow of content, it hugely increases the success of our site.

Seeing leads and clients flowing daily is a magical feeling. 


You’re ashamed of your lack of, or outdated, website. 

You know you’re a great coach but design was never your strong point and this website malarky is holding you back. 

How we can fix that:

Having a site that perfectly reflects you and your offerings gives you the courage to become more visible. And that’s when the magic happens.


You want to be able to inject your own personality into your website & you haven’t found anyone who can do that for you yet. 

How we can fix that:

When you understand what will make your website successful, you’re in a much better position to either brief a designer, or create something impactful yourself. 

Taking the guesswork out of what elements to include, and where, is a game-changer.

It might feel like there are so many things
which are causing you to:


Feel shame about your outdated website or lack of website



Work all the hours possible to somehow drum up more clients because you don’t have any systems in place online to bring in leads & clients whilst you sleep

And no matter how hard you try, you’re struggling to get your business going or you’re trading time for money. Sound familiar?

Hey there, I’m Vicky!

21 years ago, I was Marketing Director for a conservation organisation in California.

We had a website, but our agency charged us a lot of money for every update we needed.

A complete technophobe, the idea of managing our site myself was daunting, but the day I successfully made the first changes to our site, we realised we had liberated ourselves from being reliant on anyone else.

That was in 2002. Now I teach coaches & course creators just like you to empower yourselves in the same way.

I’m not going to just help you plan out a website that looks fabulous.

I’m going to show you how to create something which represents who you are & helps you bring in clients.

Here’s the truth: if you want to work smarter, you need a website which is doing some of the heavy lifting for you. 

It doesn’t matter how pretty your website looks.

If you don’t know how to

  • plan a journey you to take visitors on your site to become clients
  • create a powerful first impression
  • position the elements with strategy and intention

your website is going to struggle to generate results for you, and is more likely to serve up a one-way ticket to disappointment.

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Profitable website kit

A full bundle of resources to help coaches and course-creators get clear on the steps which are going to make their website successful.

And leave with a blueprint of the elements you should include which you can then create on any platform you choose.

Or hand over to a designer to create for you.

Perfect for anyone who doesn’t have a website yet, or anyone who feels that their website could, and should, be doing better.

From identifying a user journey for your perfect client, to nailing your messaging, to planning your own unique layout, this kit is going to fast track the success on your website


By the time you complete the worksheets, you’re going to have your high-impact home page blueprint locked in and ready to go.

You’ll be able to build this page on any platform of your choice or hand it over for someone else to build for you. 

It means you can finally stop scrambling for clients, let your website do the heavy lifting, and start do the work that you love. 

How does it work?

Work through the worksheets to gain a clear understanding of what it takes to make your website successful.

You’ll craft the elements you need for a client-attracting home page on your website. 

You’ll walk away with a blueprint for your profitable website. 

You’ll be able to implement your profitable website plan on any platform, such as WordPress, Wix etc, or you can hand it over for someone else to build.

Profitable Website Kit
Lis Cachin

Packed full of valuable information


“I recently worked through Vicky’s Profitable Website Kit and am so glad I did!

It is packed full of valuable information and in such a short time I had mapped out my website, had colours 
and images sorted and felt confident to take my next steps.

For a technophobe like me, this
was huge!

You are in very safe hands with Vicky – cannot recommend highly enough “


Lis Cachin
Anna-Louise Haigh

Endless knowledge and encouragement


“The Profitable Website Kit was just the kick start I needed to get my website in line with my offerings.

I made huge amounts of progress based on the clarity of the content and the endless knowledge and encouragement Vicky delivers.”


Anna-Louise Haigh
winnie sorensen

Just what I needed for the new website


“Just what I needed to get my thoughts organised for the new website and get a momentum going.”


Winnie Sorensen

Here’s what you’re getting inside the Profitable Website Kit:

Training to take you from ‘where do I get started’ to a strategy for a highly impactful website.

One that generates clients for you day in and day out. 


Canva 101

Graphics are a big part of your life as an entrepreneur. You need them for social media, for headers, for ads and so much more.

Throughout the tutorials, you’re going to use Canva to create a mood board, and your home page layout.

This whistle-stop tour of Canva is going to get you off to a flying start with a design tool that you can use for free.

Canva 101
website colour inspiration

 Module 1: Colours

Brand colours represent your brand personality. The colours in your brand will be used in your logo, on your website, in your business cards, etc. That’s why it’s important to understand colours and what they say about you and how they’ll best connect with your ideal clients.

You’re going to pick a colour palette if you haven’t got one yet and create a mood board. It’s a lot of fun! 

Module 2: Creating Your User Journey

A user journey is a way to understand the experience of your website from a visitor’s point of view.

To create a user journey, you’ll first identify who you’re wanting to attract to your site.

Understanding who will be visiting your site, what they want and what actions you want people to take on your website are the first steps to bringing them a step closer towards working with you. 

website user journey
website first impressions

Module 3: Making a great first impression

You only get one shot at making a good first impression. 

So you need your website to look professional, visually appealing, and also to assure visitors to your site that you can help them with the problem they’re looking to solve.

It comes down to the messaging, the imagery that you use as well as understanding basic principles of design such as visual hierarchy. 

Module 4: Pulling It All Together

We’re going to look at other content that you should include as well as platforms you may want to consider and I’ll show you how to create a wireframe to structure your page. 

And you’ll pull it all together in a one-page blueprint and use a wireframe that I give you to map out your pages like a pro.


Website wireframe
home page design templates

Bonus: Designing your Home Page

Even with a plan in place, design is one of the things that trips a lot of entrepreneurs up as they feel that they’re not creative. 

That’s often why they go to a web designer and are then disappointed with the outcome because it doesn’t truly reflect their personality and their offerings.

That’s why I’m gifting you 5 gorgeous Canva layouts which you can customise and drop all the elements that you’ve mapped out on your blueprint and design a beautiful home page in a website builder of your choice. 

Home page layouts for you to choose from

Choose a layout and I’ll show you how to customise it in Canva with your own colours & imagery. You’ll add the content that you’ve created in our previous sessions to walk away with a beautiful design of your success-focused home page, which you can build in a website platform of you choice.

And in case you need an extra (loving) push to believe in yourself,
here’s my guarantee…

100% Guarantee Refund

I am 100% confident that you’ll love this Kit.

But if after Module 1 you feel that it hasn’t provided the value that I promised, I’ll refund your investment in full.

You just need to email me before module 2 is unlocked for a full refund.

Sound fair?

Don’t just take my word for it…

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Get the step-by-step training to plan a successful website 

When you sign up for the Profitable Website Kit, you’ll get access to…


Bonus: Canva 101


Training 1: Colours & Mood Boards


Training 2: Creating Your User Journey


Training 3: Making a Great First Impression


Training 4: Pulling It All Together


Training 5: Designing your Home Page


Completion Bonus: Beautiful Home Page Layouts

Got a question?

How long do I have access to the content?

You have lifetime access to the content so you can refer back to it over and over.

Is the Profitable Website Kit just for coaches?

I work mainly with coaches and course creators, but have had many other entrepreneurs work through the program, such as hairdressers, wedding planners, engravers, business consultants, network marketers and many more. It’s ideal for any service-based entrepreneur.

I'm worried that I won't have time.

The momentum that we create in these live training experiences make you WANT to create time. 

If you can’t make the live sessions, the recordings are available for you to watch on replay. 

But you do need to make the time in order to get the best outcome at the end of it. 

This bootcamp is designed to SAVE you time. 

If you want to have a successful website, whether you create it yourself, or have someone else create it for you, you will need to set aside time to plan and write content, choose imagery and much more. The fact that you are designing it yourself means that you will have a blueprint with all of this already created and ultimately save you a lot of time looking at a blank page trying to figure it out yourself. 

When can I get started?

Your log in details will be with you shortly after you sign up. 

What happens when I purchase?
You’ll get an email straight right after you purchase with your link to access the tutorial portal. If you don’t see it immediately, check your spam folder. Still don’t see it?
Send me an email at hello@thewebsitementor.com and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours (usually much sooner)
Do you offer any support within this kit?

This is a self-study bundle of training, so there isn’t any support included, but within the modules I give you all the details of how to book a support call if you’d like one. 

What tools do I need to get started?

You’ll need a laptop/computer and an internet connection. That’s it! 

What is your refund policy?

I’m confident that you’ll be BLOWN AWAY by the content, but if, after Module 1 you feel that it hasn’t provided the value that I promised, I’ll refund your investment in full.

You just need to email me before Module 2 is released for a full refund.

Finally start seeing results from your website

with the

Profitable website kit

Only £27 for the next 20 minutes








If you’ve made it this far, it’s time to decide

Here’s the truth – nothing changes if nothing changes.

If you’re starting to doubt whether your website is bringing you the returns it should…

If you’re tired of trying and not getting results…

If you just want someone to show you things that you could tweak to make a difference…

Then straight up – you’re falling behind if you don’t sign up.

Because winging it and hoping for the best is a surefire way of staying stuck.

And you deserve better than that.

So, are you in?

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