Moving from hobby mentality to successful business owner

2 October 2020
Fiongal Greenlaw

Fiongal Greenlaw

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Wellness and Tarot

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Fiongal Greenlaw, founder of The Wellness Foundry, is a Tarot master, psychic and spiritual adviser. He has been listed in TimeOut’s Top 7 Places to have a Tarot Reading in London. He has read for hundreds of clients as well as working with high-end clients such as Harvey Nichols, Crabtree & Evelyn & L’Oreal.

“I now feel as though the only inhibitor of my success is my own imagination of where my business can grow. That’s the only thing that can hold me back. It’s not actually in the doing anymore.”

I’m so, so, so glad I’ve taken this route. A lot of people use things like Squarespace and they’re great as a quick fix. They’re probably quicker and easier in the short term.

In the long term, having the versatility to add to your website is absolutely priceless. Even though some people think, “Oh, I only need a simple website”, your business will grow and your needs will evolve. And it’s really, really important to have a website that can reflect those demands, needs and changes.”


Fiongal is a wellness coach, spiritual advisor, and intuitive reader who wanted a website that would carry the prestige of his offerings and fully represent the quality and standard that he brings to his business.

Having had sites built for his previous work in the fashion industry, he knew that he needed full control over his site so he could use it to respond quickly to bookings and workshops, rather than playing endless email pingpong with a developer to make small changes or updates.

Fiongal also felt he was the best person to authentically communicate his aesthetic and his services. He wanted to build his site from the ground up so his influence and personality would shine on every page.


Fiongal was concerned about the learning curve and dreaded the process of having to learn to code.

Despite this fear, he knew that relying on social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook put him at the mercy of ever changing algorithms and the off chance of those platforms going down.

Having his own site would put him in command of how he could interact with people, how they perceived him, and would give him a way to reach his audience whenever he liked, regardless of social media platform updates.

Fiongal also needed a site that could effectively showcase his multiple offerings, something he found hard to define and communicate, even to himself.


Fiongal started the course without a website, so he built one from scratch.

As someone coming from the world of fashion design, he had grand ideas about the aesthetic of the site, but hadn’t put much thought into the marketing and discoverability of it.

Working with Vicky, he was able to strike the balance between a beautiful site representative of his style and a functional site that would attract clients from all over the internet. 

As it turns out, Fiongal didn’t have to teach himself a programming language!

Through Rock The Website, he learned how to build a custom, scalable WordPress site without writing lines and lines of code.

He also found that he was never left alone to struggle with the material. Any question that came up was answered competently and quickly. 

Fiongal reports that being held accountable for his work was invaluable. Between Vicky’s mentorship and the community of peers in the group, he was able to identify blind spots and work through difficult tasks. He quickly realised that, as with anything in life, he would get out of it what he put in.

The site wouldn’t build itself, but any effort he devoted toward developing it was richly rewarded. 

Fiongal's wellness foundry website


Fiongal now has an attractive, marketable site that converts. Because he was able to clearly communicate his multiple offerings on his new site, customers who arrive to sign up for one service often end up booking multiple other services as well. In many cases, they weren’t previously aware that he offered more than one service and were able to learn more about his comprehensive offerings on his site.

He found that building the website was almost a secondary outcome of the course, because he learned so much about identifying his ideal client and how to communicate with them through marketing strategies and sales funnels.

As someone who wasn’t particularly business savvy going into the course, Fiongal reports that his business acumen grew exponentially as he learned all the tools, skills, and strategies that go into not only building a website, but driving traffic to it and inspiring repeat visitors.

Perhaps most importantly, Fiongal came out of the program with clearly defined goals for his business and an expanded sense of pride and authority in what he does. Whereas he previously saw his business as something to do on the side, working with Vicky to establish his site and communicate the value of what he does helped him see that he has something really worthwhile to offer.

As his confidence in himself grew, so did his business. Fiongal is now booked for weeks out.

I feel much more confident in terms of how to engage and interact with people. My message is now crystal clear. You learn a bit of marketing, you learn a bit of PR, you learn a bit of social media skills. You learned the design and programming parts of it. You really learn so many different avenues. I’m no longer scared by the technical bits. It doesn’t freak me out in a cold sweat.”

If you feel you want more control over your website, Fiongal’s story demonstrates that it can be a really powerful skill to help you grow you business.  

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