Supercharge your business blogging and bring in more soul clients 

Join us for the Guest Blogging Masterclass with Samaya Adelin
at 1.30pm (BST) on Monday 1st July

What will you learn?


What is guest blogging and how will it add value to your business


Why it you need to use it as one of the top strategies to grow your own business blog and increase your following


Comparing the benefits between sharing your message through guest blogs and social media posts (wait till you hear this)


5 key tips to creating a successful blog and maintaining it on a busy schedule.

Samaya Adelin,
Business Shaman & Soul Blogging Mastery Coach

Meet your host, Samaya Adelin

In 2015 Samaya wrote a blog that was going to irrevocably change her life forever.  Not only did the blog help her re-align with her life and purpose, it also guided her towards my soul’s calling which lead her to serve her clients powerfully the way she does today. Since then she’s been assisting women and men get clear and aligned with their soul purpose and align that with a business that reflects their soul’s unique vision.

As blogging became significant in Samaya expressing her message, she was intrigued to notice how quickly her visibility increased by getting published in online platforms, helping her book her courses and grow her social media following. So  now she helps others business owners blog from their soul and make a bigger impact!