Free website training

Last updated Jul 20, 2020

Free website training

When I first started building websites in 2003, I was so overwhelmed by what I should focus on.

There was so MUCH stuff that I could be doing, and I felt that I had to figure it ALL out if I was going to be successful.

But actually, I didn’t need all of it.

Only 80% of my efforts were actually generating results.

As entrepreneurs, there’s always more to do, and our task list is never-ending.

Which is why I am genuinely so excited to be able to show you an easier way.

To cut out all the overwhelm and the bright shiny objects, and show you the stuff that you really need to focus on in order to make a difference in your business.

To reach more people.

To make more money.

To have more time.

As someone who has always been easily distracted by the newest techniques, I know how valuable this kind of training would have been for me.

I’m focussing on what’s working now. And if you take action on the plan I’m going to share with you here on this free masterclass – The 3 Secrets to a Website That Sells Your Services, I promise that you will see results.

Vicky Etherington

Vicky Etherington has been running her own online marketing agency since 2003, and in 2015 transitioned to working with coaches and therapists to teach them how to create their own client-attracting websites. 

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If you want to accelerate your website journey, side-step all the tech meltdowns, and create your own  client-attracting website from scratch, join my Rock That Website. You’ll get a proven step-by-step roadmap to build your own successful site with confidence.

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