So you want to build your own website from scratch?

One of the biggest issues we face as entrepreneurs is time scarcity.

We’re the head of finance, the marketing master, the chief decision maker, the key account manager and the sole implementer.

So when we decide to tackle something new on our own, like a website, we turn to YouTube and Google to look for answers, only to be totally confused by the amount of information.

Which way is best, what tools should I use, and how do I shortcut all the fluff that I don’t want to get bogged down with?

What starts off as an exciting new project, soon turns into a headache of different challenges, some of them of monumental proportions.

The important thing is just getting it up and running, so you can focus on the most critical thing – delivering fantastic services to your clients. But often that becomes clouded by the meltdowns taking place in front of your computer.

So I’m taking time out over the next couple of weeks, to show you exactly what you need to get started.

By the end of the 5-day challenge, you’ll:

  • understand what platform to use
  • be clear on what domain name to register and how to register it
  • have your hosting registered
  • have clarity around the green padlock on your site, and have added yours
  • have a professional email address
  • be clear about themes to use on your site
  • have created your first web page

Why am I creating this challenge?

Because I see SO many people struggling with this process.

My flagship WordPress Success Bootcamp teaches people how to build a fully functioning client-attracting website in 6-12 weeks, and the entrepreneurs who work through that are seeing sensational results. But not everyone has the resources for that. And for the time being, they just want to get something up and running. And they want someone who has done it all before, hundreds of times over, to give them the roadmap.

This challenge gives them that, and the wonderful thing is that it opens that door to so many people who don’t otherwise have access to me. They’ll be working in a group environment with hundreds of other entrepreneurs who are also at the same starting point and wanting to create a website for their business from scratch.

If you want to register for the free challenge, it starts on Monday 4th June. Just sign up here:

Feedback from the last challenge that I ran was fabulous. So many people learned a new skill set. Sally said that she learned more in those few days than she could have learned in 2 years on her own.

Tom started a website for his new consulting business.

Anna created a site for her new doula business.

Hundreds of small business owners ran through the challenge and gave themselves the gift of freedom around their website.

I can’t wait for you to be another success story. Sign up at