Focussing on your message to send out to the world

14 February 2021
Mandy Muckalt

Mandy Muckalt

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Leadership & Change, Executive Coach, Course Facilitator

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Mandy founded Roots for Success in 2004 to help professionals stay connected inside, get clear on their own definition of success, and thrive. Over the years the business has evolved to specialise in helping entrepreneurs and leaders in organisations be at ease in uncertainty, shift into what’s emerging and pioneer the new…making good money in the process!

Key outcomes

Whereas her previous sites were static, Mandy’s current site acts as a funnel to engage and convert visitors to customers.

Now she has a website that works for her around the clock, and that she can keep fresh with new offerings and posts. 

When Mandy outsourced her website creation, she didn’t feel that her website was actually part of her business. It was simply an online placeholder.

Now that she understands how the site works and the power of the sales funnels she has built there, she can use it to have a direct impact on her achievements, goals, and profitability.

Even when the website isn’t directly converting new customers, Mandy knows it’s drawing more people towards her. She’s able to update it to be relevant to what’s happening in the moment. For example, during lockdown, she added posts and offerings that were catered to the reality of business in that moment. And she’s now confident that she can change things any time there’s a shift. No more emails back and forth to developers to update a page. 

Mandy feels very connected to her website and loves having a site that adapts as her business adapts. While her business has been around for 16 years, she now she has a site that can grow and change with it. 


Building the site has put me in the driving seat of my business in a very responsive way. It adds to the creative process of the business as it evolves. When I had other people building my site for me, I didn’t get to experience that.

I think it’s a great course for whatever stage of business you’re at. It’s great if you’re starting out because it really focuses the mind about what message you want to send out to the world.


Mandy works as a business coach with organisations and entrepreneurs.

She previously had some static, brochure-like websites built for her by other people, but once she met Vicky in a workshop and learned she could create a more interactive site herself, she decided to give it a try.

She ended up with an engaging, dynamic site that brought her closer to her business and customers.

Mandy also learned that she loves tinkering with frontend website design, and spends lots of time seeing what kinds of changes she can make.

Embody my truth
Mandy's website - testimonials


For Mandy, there was no one big challenge, but rather a series of smaller concerns.

For one, even though she knew she actually was quite capable, she didn’t consider herself to be technical.

Furthermore, because she had been working with larger organisations, she felt that perhaps website development was best left to the professionals and that anything she built would end up looking amateurish. She wanted to have a polished website to engage her corporate clients.

However, she was disappointed that her other sites, while beautiful, ended up looking like templates.

She would send her copy off to a developer and the site would come back looking like everyone else’s.

The draw to working with Vicky was having control and ownership over her site, and the ability to make it more customised for her business.



Mandy had met Vicky in another course she had taken and was impressed by Vicky’s professionalism, warmth, and clear mastery over the subject matter.

Once Mandy had a look at the curriculum, she could see how thorough it was, and how each step was carefully planned to ensure the students’ success.

While she expected the course to guide her through the process, she found the most value in the weekly calls with Vicky.

Having a live mentor was a critical part of the learning experience.


Inner critic

“It’s also great if you’ve got a business already, like I had, that is either changing direction or has a website that you don’t really understand or didn’t build.

Mandy's website - Work with me


Now Mandy has a website that she describes as fluid and alive. It gives her a direct line of communication with her customers, and something she can easily experiment with to see how new offerings are received. 

Not only did Mandy enjoy the process of watching her website come together, she also became competent working with WordPress and more aware of the importance of things like website security and backups. 

Before going through the course, Mandy already had a beautiful site. However, she felt it was missing some kind of dynamism.

Through Vicky’s course, Mandy learned how to bring her site to life and use it as an organic tool for customer attraction and interaction.


At first I thought building my own website after contracting that out was kind of a step backwards, but it hasn’t been like that at all.

Find out more about Mandy’s entrepreneurial journey

If you feel you want more control over your website, Fiongal’s story demonstrates that it can be a really powerful skill to help you grow you business.  

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