The main reason you’re feeling overwhelmed

Moving away from the chaos and finding calm in your online marketing doesn’t need to be rocket science.

There’s one main one reason you’re feeling overwhelmed and not gaining traction.

Often we feel as though we’re running a race we’ll never win.

We get overwhelmed by all the opportunities, choices and tools.

I know, because I’ve done that too.

There’s so much that you could be doing, and you spread yourself so thin, that nothing is effective.

Too many choices

Should you be making videos, ramping up Pinterest, live streaming, networking, using messenger bots, doing Facebook ads?

Argh, the list is endless.

You can’t do it all, so you become overwhelmed and feel as though you’re failing.

How to fix it

But here’s how to solve that problem forever…

Assuming you have a fabulous service, marketing is the marriage of 3 things:

Market – Message – Media

– A group of people (market)

– A sales pitch to sell something (message)

– The way you deliver that message (media), eg. Facebook, magazines or the radio

The reason you are overwhelmed and confused is that the MEDIA is always changing.

In fact, it’s what makes the market so noisy – people get excited about new stuff, so they talk about it.

The market (people), and the message (pitch) never need to change once you have perfected them…

Why you’ve been run ragged

Marketers know that we respond to NEW. So they tell you about NEW opportunities to get visible.

But this leaves you feeling left behind and confused, running that race you feel you can never win.

Because all arat racelong you have been thinking that answer lies in your choice of platform (media).

LinkedIn, Facebook ads, radio, Pinterest, back-of-bus posters. Because that’s what people are talking about.

If you could just be in the right place.

But NONE of it will ever work without the right message.

Build a solid foundation

Which is why it’s so critical to have a solid foundation.

WordPress Success BootcampOne where your message is constant, authentic and a true reflection of you – no matter what other media you’re toying with at that time.

And that’s what we work on in the WordPress Success Bootcamp.

The Bootcamp is my signature 12-week program which enables you to build a website which is robust and connects with your audience (market).

We have a whole week dedicated to crafting your content so it powerfully connects (message).

I show you exactly what to focus on, so you don’t get distracted by the bright shiny new objects that people are placing in front of you (media).

If you really get to grips with this, it can turn things from confusion to forwards momentum.

Understanding how easily media distracts us from the core market and message is a game-changer. If you change your focus to activities which are sound and proven, you’ll start experiencing great momentum and growth.

Find out more about the WordPress Success Bootcamp which starts on 18th June, by scheduling a free Website Jumpstart call with me.

I would genuinely love to connect with you and tell you how the program can grow your business without you hitting a place of overwhelm, show you the tools you should be using without you having to figure that out yourself, and how you can show up online successfully.