Finding a way to have a professional website without spending a fortune

24 July 2021
Janice Tucker

Janice Tucker

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Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and teacher of Medical Qigong

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Janice is a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and teacher of Medical Qigong (methods combining breath, mind focus and simple movements). Since 2000 she has been helping hundreds of TCM/Acupuncture clients and Qigong students to revitalise and rebalance their health through her well-established clinics in County Kerry, Ireland and by teaching Qigong classes and workshops face to face in her local area (and also, since 2015, via online video lessons). She believes that if you take even the smallest positive step in the right direction you can feel a little bit better.

Key outcomes

Building her own website gave Janice a satisfying sense of control and confidence that she could work with technology. She no longer needs a web developer to make small changes and can keep the site updated herself. 

Beyond the technical aspects of putting together a website, Janice found that Vicki was also brilliant at helping people increase their visibility online. Using social media and email contact, Vicky taught them how to make the most of their website’s Google ranking. 

Janice now has the tools to market her business more creatively and she has seen a tangible result. By implementing her knowledge of SEO, Janice’s new site is currently number one or two on Google for her county and she has received increased inquiries from local people who want to book Chinese medicine and acupuncture appointments. 

Janice always had a busy clinic for the 17 years before she did the course. She already felt successful, or what she thought was successful. Once she launched the new site, at first she couldn’t figure out where all the new clients were coming from. There were so many more inquiries coming through. People told Janice they looked at a few local practitioners and decided to go with her because of the aesthetic, usefulness, and ease of using her site. 

Janice now feels confident there is always plenty of business for her. She has a website that’s professional, visible, and that generates a lot of inquiries. Now she’s turning business away. 

“The thing that made me want to join the most was the fact that I knew Vicky was a really good teacher. I knew I would get the result that I wanted at the end of the course if I was working with Vicky.”

Vicky is the kind of person who goes over and above in terms of helping people and explaining things in a really clear way. When I came up against something technical, she was able to put it in a way that was easily understandable and not scary at all. It wasn’t like she was talking a different language. She was very down to earth and practical in the way that she explained the many different aspects of web development. She is so brilliant at explaining things and so patient with people who haven’t got a clue (like me when I first started).”


Janice has an online membership site where she teaches qigong, which is a branch of Chinese medicine involving breathing and relaxation exercises with simple movements that help people restore their health.

When Janice met Vicky in a business mastermind group, she already had her qigong membership site running. This site was beautiful and functional, but it had been built for her by someone else and she was unable to update it herself for fear of breaking the code. She also had a site for her in-person Chinese medicine clinic that was outdated, not mobile-friendly, and needed to be redone.

Janice wanted to rebuild this site herself so she would not have to rely on a developer to make small changes or updates. She also wanted to understand how the site worked so she wouldn’t be afraid of breaking the code when she needed to add or remove something. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine - Homepage
Traditional Chinese Medicine - Services


While her qigong site was lovely, Janice’s outdated clinic website wasn’t portraying a professional image. It had all the necessary information, but it wasn’t presented the way she wanted. The text was too small. The navigation was clunky. It didn’t have a contact form. The layout was old and looked more like a static brochure than a modern website. 

Her biggest challenge was to find a way to bring that site up to her professional standards without spending a fortune. It was also very important that she learn how to do it instead of  paying somebody to do it for her.

Time was also a factor for Janice. With a thriving Chinese medicine clinic and the growing online qigong business, she seldom had the chance to give her stale and outdated website much thought. She needed the process of building a website to be efficient and structured so she could fit it in her busy weekly schedule.


Because Janice knew Vicky and the quality of her work, she had already decided that Rock That Website was the only course for her. If anyone was going to teach her to build a website, it was going to be Vicky. 

She didn’t want to struggle to find out how to do it on her own. She knew some people who had managed to do that, but the process was time-consuming and confusing because they were figuring things out from multiple unrelated online sources. 

There’s lots of online information about creating a website, but the trick is being able to piece it together into something that’s coherent and that builds from the foundation up. Janice knew Vicki would deliver just that with Rock That Website.


Traditional Chinese Medicine - Homepage
Traditional Chinese Medicine - About me


Janice completed Rock That Website and got exactly what she wanted. Her new website is user-friendly, mobile, and interactive. It has payment buttons, lead magnets where people can access her free video series, and a new professional look.

She was happy with how much support she received between the weekly live calls, the Facebook group, and Vicky’s willingness to answer any questions she had. The material was unfamiliar, but Janice put in the effort to produce her content and completed the tasks which Vicky set each week.

To her surprise, she wasn’t daunted by the technology. Even if some things were a little bit tricky, Janice knew that Vicky was always there to ask. 

“My experience was very positive. I could see how the course was structured. I could see the modules which were coming up. It was such a supportive environment as well. Vicky was super quick at getting back to me with any questions that I had.”

Janice’s advice for anyone who’s on the fence and considering whether or not to invest the time, effort, and finances in order to work with Vicky, is “go for it because you’ll surprise yourself.

As long as you put in the time and effort, you will end up with a fantastic website that just looks amazing. You’ll be amazed at what you can produce.

It’s a brilliant feeling to have that confidence and sense of achievement from creating your own website”.

If you want to accelerate your own website journey, side-step all the tech meltdowns, and create your own  client-attracting website from scratch, join my Rock That Website. You’ll get a proven step-by-step roadmap to build your own successful site with confidence.