Create and run a Profitable

Facebook Challenge

to successfully launch your course or services

“Challenges transformed my business from having a trickle of clients, to opening the floodgates…”

Vicky Etherington, The Website Mentor

Which is why I’m so excited to share my exact steps
to creating one for your next launch

During this masterclass you’ll get a behind the scenes look into the exact steps I take to create my challenges.

Vicky Etherington

You will learn:

The essential elements you must include in your challenge to turn your free participants into paying clients.
How to plan the topics you’ll deliver.
The exact format of my challenges – what I create in advance to avoid overwhelm and any last minute scramble.
The ads that I run, and how I test them.
The emails I send.
The tools that I use, and how I created my most recent landing page which had a 88% conversion rate.
Mistakes I have made on my challenges which you can avoid.
Worksheets to keep you on track.

Kate’s story

I attended Vicky’s Masterclass today on how to create an effective Facebook Challenge today, and it was just brilliant!

Vicky takes the time to explain things so clearly, the information she gives is incredibly valuable, and the worksheet and tools she provides are just what I needed to help me.

I can’t recommend Vicky’s training highly enough, and I’m now so excited and feeling truly confident to plan for and prepare my first Facebook Challenge that I know will drive my business forward!

Thank you Vicky!!!


Kate Thorpe

Therapist and Stress Management Coach, Kate Thorpe Therapy & Coaching
Kate Thorpe
Marketing and Website Masterclasses

This is for you if…

You want a way to truly engage with your audience on a deep level during a launch

You’ve thought about running a challenge before, but feel that there’s too many moving parts

You want to take your launches to the next level and develop lasting relationship

Katie’s story

I’ve just attended the Profitable Facebook Challenge training, which was really informative and helpful.

As always, Vicky aka The Website Mentor, was very generous with her knowledge and input, providing the structure required and recommendations of platforms, software etc to run a challenge successfully.

I highly recommend if you’re new to challenges or want more success/less stress in doing them!



Katie Farrell

Transformation Coach, The Catalyst For Life
Kate Thorpe

“Running the Confident Website Creation Challenge several times a year has taken my business to a level I never imagined possible!”

Vicky Etherington, The Website Mentor

Have we met?

Hi, I’m Vicky Etherington!

I ran my first challenge in September 2017 and realised that it was the best lead generation strategy I had ever run.

What’s more, the return on investment from my ads was 1000% and I had clients booking onto my signature program even months afterwards.

I have since run many more challenges, and am sharing all the best tips I have for creating and delivering your own Facebook challenge.

I can’t wait for this training to do the same for you.

Vicky websites

Anna-Louise’s story

Anna-Louise Haigh

Thank you Vicky for sharing your experience and showing me how to effectively create the marketing needed to support my Learn to Meditate 21 day challenge.

I have run challenges in the past, however never felt I had the emails, marketing and follow up right.

Your resources and generous guidance will make all the difference.

My confidence has grown because of this Masterclass.



Anna-Louise Haigh

The Soul Whisperer, Awaken Your Wow

Take your business to the next level today

Run a successful facebook challenge

This will pay for itself so many times over in the time you save during the planning, the mistakes you avoid, and the sales that you generate from your challenge.

Create and run a Profitable Facebook Challenge

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