Successful Secrets to a Website That Sells

Get insider tips as to the strategy and planning you should consider for your website.

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Day 1

Choosing your colours

Watch the Facebook Live video training

Pick your colour palette using any of the tools which I suggested in your tutorial this morning (and post your colours into the Day 1 Task thread in the group).

Day 2

Choosing & registering your domain name

Watch the Facebook Live video training

Read the blog posts which shows you how to choose your powerful domain name and how to register your domain name if you want to go ahead with that straight away.

Day 3

Understanding Hosting

Watch the Facebook Live video training.

Go through the screenshots to purchase your hosting plan and redirect your domain name.

A screenshare video to show you how to forward additional domain names – you don’t need to use this until your website is live!

Remember not to forward your domain name if it’s already in use with email addresses, or you have a website live on it. 

Day 4

Installing WordPress & Your SSL Certificate

Watch the Facebook Live video training

So what felt like it may be another huge tech day, has hopefully been pleasantly surprising and has given you a huge sense of acheivement.

Day 5

Themes & Plugins

Tutorials are live in your portal.