10 great service-based business and coaching websites (and why they rock!)

16 March 2021

Looking for inspiration for your new business website or coaching website upgrade? With the vast array of options out there, knowing where to start with website design and website redesign can be difficult. Considering different website builders, design agencies and themes can make choosing one website design overwhelming. Let me guide you with these great small business and coaching website examples.

I’ve been building websites for almost twenty years and have been empowering entrepreneurs, coaches and small business owners to build their own websites since 2015.

I know the ingredients for a great website and have hand-selected some great service-based business websites alongside some of the best coaching websites to stimulate your creativity.

What makes a great website?

A brilliant website isn’t only about excellent visual design, although that helps.

Great coaching websites and inspiring service-based business sites need more than good branding to be successful. A great website is optimised for page load speed, looks good and works well on desktop AND mobile, is easy to navigate, targets a specific audience AND is crafted for that potential customer’s user journey.

Great websites constantly evolve, they are not built and then never updated ever again. A website is the store-front to your business. Just like a brick-and-mortar shop, your website needs regular maintenance and to be developed as your business grows.

The coaching and service-based business website examples below have been chosen because they do all of the above and more.

Inspiring coaching website examples:

Hannah Roberts Coaching

Hannah is a career specialised coach who helps scientific and professional women struggling with ‘what’s next?’ to achieve purposeful career direction by restoring confidence through her 1:1 coaching.

Hannah Roberts - career coach website example

Why it rocks: Hannah’s coaching website is a great example of how colours and styling can be used to entice target clients and customers. The use of fresh, contemporary colours creates a high-end attractive experience that will appeal to professional women. Her homepage is instantly effective thanks to the strong, prominent free research that is placed ‘above the fold’.

Embody My Truth

Embody My Truth is run by Delphine O’Keeffe, a psychotherapist, intuitive guide, and somatic coach. Her work seeks to inspire and guide women to come home to their true selves, and reconnect with their inner wisdom.

Embody My Truth - best life coaching website

Why it rocks: Delphine’s website does a fantastic job of showcasing Embody My Truth’s identity on the page. It is a shining example of how you can use your website to showcase your businesses personality authentically to connect with your ideal client. Additionally, her beautiful turquoise and gold brand colours combine perfectly with the tagline for her group programme “uncover the gold within”. This is a great use of integrative branding.

You can read Delphine’s full story here.

Meyer Harrison Executive Coaching

Louise, the founder of Meyer Harrison, is an executive coach who supports ambitious women to find clarity, enabling them to focus on what’s important and to thrive in their lives.

Meyer Harrison - best coaching website

Why it rocks: This is a brilliant example of a coaching website built with its target audience in mind. Meyer Harrison Executive Coaching uses clean crisp lines to appeal to a more corporate audience. It uses ‘white space’ effectively to create a clean and clear look and feel. 

Understanding Grief

Understanding Grief is run by grief coach Anne Debutte. Anne supports her clients to heal their broken hearts after the loss of a loved one and helps them to go from unhappy to happiness again.

Understanding Grief - coaching website

Why it rocks: With very clear messaging about who she can help, Understanding Grief is an excellent example of how to use your website to target your niche. The simple yet powerful messaging speaks to her audience and helps them feel supported in their time of need. The website also uses an opt-in to a free coaching session above the fold of the home page, providing easy access to the call to action and improving her potential client’s user journey.

You can read Anne’s full story here.

Great service-based business website examples:

The Wellness Foundry

The Wellness Foundry is a service-based business offering intuitive readings, healings, spiritual guidance and bespoke events.

Why it rocks: With strong branding and clear messaging, The Wellness Foundry’s website conveys what they do quickly and effectively. The homepage offers beautiful movement through video making it visually stimulating for the user, whilst ensuring they receive all the important information above the fold. The websites clear, easy-to-follow user journey makes it a joy to use.

You can read Fiongal’s full story here.

Michaela Thorn

Michaela is a finance professional who supports small business owners to build profitable businesses by helping them to prepare their accounts with confidence.

Michaela Thorn - best service-based business website

Why it rocks: Creating a connection with your website visitors can be tough, especially when you are in the (traditionally) corporate sector of finance. Michaela’s website is a great example of how good personal imagery can help you connect with your ideal customers. The use of consistent branding throughout this website creates a professional, approachable impression and helps to build trust.

Triform Pilates

Triform Pilates is run by experienced Pilates instructor Suzanne Hume. She offers Pilates classes in Suffolk and live online.

Triform Pilates - service-based website examples

Why it rocks: This site shows how versatile a website can be, and how great it is to have an online shop front for your service-based business. Triform Pilates, like many other fitness professionals, went online during the 2020 lockdown. The website is an informative, enticing space for Pilates sessions to be booked whilst also providing potential clients more information about the benefits of Pilates.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Run by Anne-Marie McClorey, Traditional Chinese Medicine offers a blended approach to Chinese Medicine, allowing her clients access to the best Chinese Medical treatment without the need to always attend a clinic.

Traditional Chinese Medicine - good service based website

Why it rocks: Anne-Marie’s well-written website uses clear messaging to encourage you to explore the website and learn more about her services. The fresh colours also help to create an association of good health, a great branding approach for a Chinese medicine service-based business

Aisle and Style

Aisle & Style is a luxury UK wedding planner offering a complete end-to-end planning service for the style and time-conscious client.

Aisle & Style wedding planner - great service-based website

Why it rocks: This website demonstrates how a clean and classic design can be used to engage a time-poor customer. The simple yet chic style makes it easy to navigate, essential for Aisle and Style’s target time-conscious customer, whilst the beautiful imagery draws in the user inviting them to imagine their ideal wedding day.

You can read Alana’s full story here.

Ardington Creative

Run by Alex, Ardington Creative offers strategic brand design solutions that help growing businesses stand out and build trust.

Ardington Creative - service-based website example

Why it rocks: This one-page site uses bold colours and striking imagery to convey a strong message of why branding is important. It also does an excellent job of showcasing the businesses product – Alex’s branding work. The Ardington Creative website also uses a combination of testimonials, recent work and current clients to build social proof and entice potential new customers.

What do these great service-based business and coaching website examples all have in common?

These websites are all brilliant and inspiring in their own ways. Each provides an excellent example of how you can use your website to showcase and improve the profitability of your business. They were also all built by their owners using my Rock That Website programme that teaches people like you to build WordPress websites.

A brilliant service-based or coaching website can be the ticket to your business’s success; a good website will help you grow your audience, get more customers, and help you sell more. As you can see from the aligned, purpose-driven website examples above, you do not need to hire an agency to build your website for you. With my guidance, you can build a great website yourself.

Building a website that converts and connects doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful. My programme, Rock That Website, teaches entrepreneurs, coaches and service-based business owners to build their own great website.

Find out more about Rock That Website today.

Vicky Etherington

Vicky Etherington has been running her own online marketing agency since 2003, and in 2015 transitioned to working with coaches and therapists to teach them how to create their own client-attracting websites. 

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