Budding Creator

Website training for
secondary school kids

(get your kids off their XBox,
and learning a valuable life skill)

Right now, your kids have
the amazing gift of time.

Time to play on their phones.
Time to tidy their room ?.
Time to watch another Tik-Tok video.

Or time to learn a new life skill that can develop their creativity, problem-solving, entrepreneurship, give them confidence with tech and possibly even set them up for their first job.

This is a week-long online project

We meet online every morning for an hour, and every afternoon for a check-in.

The children will be given their own hosted WordPress installation which I set up for them, and are given tasks to work through independently after each morning session.

We’re going to cover:


What topic/business to choose for a website


Which tools to use to choose colours, fonts and create a free logo


How to start building a website using WordPress

At the end of the week, your child will have their own WordPress website, and the confidence to build it out further if they choose to. They may even teach you how to create your own website!

I loved making the website and it has given me more knowledge and a new skill that will benefit me in the future.

I am just very surprised that I was able to make what I made.

It was a great course, thank you.”

Seb, aged 12

We’re taking a break

We’re encouraging our own kids to be outdoors, and think that you may be doing the same. 

I’m taking stock of how lockdown is impacting my clients, their kids and my own work, and so I may introduce another Budding Creators course soon.

Thank you so much for your interest and support. 

“Vicky was fantastic on the video calls with the kids, taking them methodically through the steps to build their brand and their website, answering all of their questions and encouraging them every step of the way.

Thank you Vicky, we’ve seen a new sense of pride appear in Thomas this week and rightly so”

Sarah, Mother to Thomas, aged 11


Are there any other costs involved?

No, the site will be created on my server, so there is no need for you to buy a domain name or hosting in advance.

If they want to put their website live at the end, they will need to register a domain name (about £10/annum) and purchase a hosting plan (about £60-£100/annum). At the end of the week, I make resources available for them to move the website to domain name and hosting plan of their own. 

What equipment does my child need?

They need access to a computer or a laptop, and access to a decent internet connection. They can watch the live morning sessions on an iPad or tablet, but they won’t be able to complete the tasks without a computer or laptop. 

How old does my child need to be?

Your child should be aged between 11-18 years old. If your child is younger, and you feel that they would be able to focus, you are welcome to enrol them in the course as long as you are able to attend the live sessions with them. They may also need help with their tasks between the sessions. 

How is the training delivered?

All the training is delivered via Zoom and the recordings are uploaded to a portal which the children can access with a password. 

None of the training takes place on social media. 

How long will the kids be occupied for?

 The course runs for 5 working days, Monday – Friday.

We meet for an hour each day, where I run through the task for the day and show them how to complete it. Then they will spend 60-90 minutes of their own time completing the task independently. They may decide to take longer, depending on how much research they want to do, or how much they want to tinker with their ideas.

Then we meet again later in the day for a Q&A session to talk through their progress and be sure that they haven’t got stuck on anything.

How many children will be in one group?

I’m committed to making sure that each child receives my attention, so groups are limited to a maximum of 10 children. 

What do they actually create?

A week is enough time for them to learn for them to create a small site and to understand how they can create more pages beyond the end of the course.

Their final creation will depend on how much time they spend on the site between our calls. Some children have created up to 8 page websites during our week together. Others will only create a couple of pages. It depends on how much time they have available and how engaged they are with the project. 

We already have a domain name. Can they use it?

The website will be built on a unique domain name, on my server so that you don’t have any additional costs at the outset. At the end of the week, I make resources available for you or your kids to move the website to domain name and hosting plan of their own. 

How long does the website live on your server for?

Websites are removed 2 months after the end of the course. Kids are given access to resources to show them how to move their website over to their own domain name and hosting plan if they want to keep their work or put the website live. 

What if my child loses interest in the project?

The sessions are designed to be as fun and interactive as possible for the children.  If they lose interest, I will try to engage them in researching their chosen topic, or exploring other online tools which they may find useful and/or fun. But ultimately, building a website isn’t going to be every child’s idea of fun.

What if my child is disruptive?

Disruptive behaviour is not acceptable on the sessions, and your child will be asked to leave the session if they cannot cooperate. 

Do you teach adults?

Absolutely. Just ask me for details about my Rock That Website – an 8-week program for service-based entrepreneurs.

Really impressed with what they have produced. They were both keen throughout and the fact they worked on their websites so long shows how much they enjoyed it. Great course. Thanks so much.

Ken, Father to Luke and Rebecca

Hi, I’m Vicky Etherington. 

I built my first website in September 2002 when I was Director of Marketing for a conservation organisation. 

I have since taught thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners how to create their own websites. 

My own kids, now 9 and 12, built their own websites 3 years ago. 

I can’t wait to show your kids the magic of creating something online which can serve them now and in their future career. 

 Gift your kids a head start in the online space and awaken the entrepreneur in them

(They may even help you with your website if you have one!)

“A huge thank you (and well done?) to Vicky for her Budding Creator course that my son attended.

He’s loved every day and is so proud of the website he’s created with Vicky’s guidance and support. 

If you’ve been considering it for your child(ren) I highly recommend it!”

Katie, Mother to Seb