The small print

Affiliate Disclaimer

In the spirit of full disclosure, you should know that I will point you towards a variety of products/services on my pages and in my blog posts, and wherever possible, I will use affiliate links (it’s a good idea for you to do the same on your website!).

If you follow an affiliate link and go on to purchase that product or service, I may be paid a small commission, or given credits with that service.  However, your cost will be the same (and maybe less if I have negotiated a discount on your behalf).

This may then lead you to question whether I am promoting this product/service to make money, or recommending it because I feel it is in your best interests? My ultimate aim is to help people gain value through my experience, so I won’t recommend a product unless I’ve:

  1. Used it personally and think it’s terrific.
  2. Researched it and received first-hand feedback from other successful entrepreneurs who I trust and who have used the product/service.

I give a lot of valuable information away for free because I want to help small businesses and entrepreneurs succeed, and affiliate links are one of the ways I get paid for the time I spend on articles and training.