How to Incorporate Video into Your Website & Increase Trust 

9 May 2024

Using videos on your website is a great way to connect with people. It’s not just a popular trend, it’s an effective method to gain your audience’s trust.

Videos make your website lively and interesting, helping visitors feel more connected to what you’re offering. They let you show the real people behind your brand and explain your message in a clear, engaging way.

You might now be wondering how to embed a video on your website. Or where’s best to put them on your site for maximum impact. Below, we answer these vital questions along with a bit more about the benefits of video content.

The trust factor of video

Adding videos to your website is a great way to make it more engaging and trustworthy. By selecting the right videos and putting them in the right places, you can improve how visitors experience your site and build a stronger connection with them.

So, how exactly does video benefit your brand?

Humanises your brand

Videos add a personal element to your online presence. When you feature yourself, your clients or people within your team, it helps establish a more genuine connection with your audience – something that can’t be matched by just text and images.

Demonstrates product or service

“Seeing is believing” holds true in digital marketing. A video that showcases behind the scenes of your course or provides a detailed walkthrough of your service can get rid of any uncertainties and bolster confidence. This visual proof assures potential customers that what you are selling works and is of good quality.

Shares customer testimonials

Hearing directly from satisfied customers is incredibly effective in building trust. Video testimonials, where customers share their positive experiences, are a great way to gain trust.

Seeing and hearing real people express their satisfaction adds a layer of authenticity and reliability that written words alone often can’t convey.

Provides valuable content

By creating educational or how-to videos, you establish yourself as an expert in your area. This not only builds trust with your audience but also demonstrates your commitment to their success by sharing valuable knowledge and insights.

Content like this shows that you are not just selling a product or service, but genuinely interested in providing useful information and helping your audience succeed.

Where to place videos on your website

Choosing where to add videos to a web page is crucial for catching your visitors’ attention. Let’s look at the best places to put your videos and why.

Home page

Introduce your brand with a short, compelling video on your homepage. This is your chance to make a strong first impression and quickly convey your unique value. A well-crafted video here can set the tone for the entire visitor experience and encourage further exploration of your site.

Product or service pages

Adding videos to your webpage shows off what you sell. If you include easy-to-follow tutorials, they can help people understand how to use your offerings.

Also, put in some videos where you show your courses/services in action, as well as some stories about how your oferings have helped other people. This way, your website becomes even more interesting and helpful for your clients.

About us page

Videos are a great way to tell your brand’s story. Incorporating a video about how your business started and what you’ve achieved can really connect with people.

I’m so often surprised at how many people know about why I started my business because they’ve seen the video on my Meet Vicky page.

Telling your origin story makes your brand feel more personal and helps visitors feel a connection with you.

Client review section

Think about adding videos of your happy Clients to your website. In these videos, they can talk about how what they achieved through working with you. These are better than solely written testimonial because people can see and hear real customers. It makes everything feel more reliable and trustworthy.

Blog or resources section

Try adding educational videos to your blog posts or make a special part of your website just for videos. These videos can explain things, act as how-to guides or even have interviews with experts. Remember, not everyone likes to read a lot – some people find it easier to learn by watching videos.

Contact page

Putting a short video on your contact page is like a friendly hello to your visitors, inviting them to talk to you. It makes your brand feel friendlier and more open, which can make people more likely to get in touch.

Top tips for adding videos to your website

Keep it short and engaging

Remember, in today’s fast-paced world, keeping your videos brief yet captivating can make a big difference in holding your audience’s attention. If you aim for clarity, you’ll keep viewers interested and focused.

Ensure high quality

Poor video quality can do more harm than good. But honestly, your smart phone probably has a good enough camera to create a good quality video. Audio is important though, so you probably want to invest in a decent microphone. Don’t let lack of a professional set up hold you back. Honestly, you most likely have good enough equipment to get going

Optimise for mobile

Probably more than half your audience is visiting your website on a mobile device.

It’s therefore important to ensure that your video is displaying well across all different screen sizes

Use authentic content

Keep it real in your videos. Avoid the overly scripted stuff and let the real, unique personality of your brand come through naturally.

Update regularly

Keep updating your video content to stay fresh. Regular new videos demonstrate that you’re keeping up with the latest trends and actively engaged in your industry.

Learn to use video effectively with hands-on courses

Looking to add video to your website but don’t know how to begin? You can book a Power Hour to talk through how you can best incorporate video into your overall online marketing strategy.

Vicky Etherington

Vicky Etherington has been running her own online marketing agency since 2003, and in 2015 transitioned to working with coaches and therapists to teach them how to create their own client-attracting websites. 

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