5 books every entrepreneur should read

29 December 2015
Business booksRead it on a beach, in the bath, in a comfy chair, on the train or at your desk. Or discover Audible, and listen to it wherever you are. But if there’s one thing you should be sure of, it should be to read one or more of these titles next year. During the course of 2015, I’ve had the amazing privilege of joining a coaching program with like-minded entrepreneurs. My exposure to this terrific group of dynamic and ambitious personalities has not only inspired me, but has led me to explore new possibilities with my own business. I’ve also attended masterminding conferences and workshops where I have been introduced to books I would never have previously thought about reading. I’ve always been keen on continuous learning – it’s critical to my role in advising clients about opportunities and strategies, but now I find myself hungry for information, and I’m constantly listening to podcasts and tutorials not only in my own field, and also in the area of self-development and motivation. My discovery of Audible has meant that I’m now able to literally inhale books whilst I’m in the car, and time which was previously dead time, is now a valuable part of my self development. So as the year draws to a close, I wanted to share with you some of the hidden gems that I have uncovered in my journey through 2015, and hope to inspire you to take a look at one or more of them to stretch your own horizons. There are many many amazing books on the shelves, but these are the five books I would encourage every entrepreneur to read.

5 books every entrepreneur should read in 2016

The Big Leap - Gay Hendricks

The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks

I absolutely devoured this book. I listened to the audio version, and loved the fact that it was read by the author. His positive outlook, easy attitude and insight into his own abundance was truly inspirational. The Go-Giver

The Go Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann

This book was introduced to me by a fellow entrepreneur called Carie Lyndene (Founder of Business Divas). Delivered in the style of a parable it makes an easy read and endears you to the characters. The focus is on delivering value and it demonstrates the principles of contribution, abundance, service and success really inspiringly. Getting Things Done

Getting Things Done by David Allen

For some of us, we will never have enough time to get on top of all the tasks that we’re needing to do. David Allen makes us realise that actually, even if we had 48 hours in a day, we’d still fill it with clutter and tasks which are not productive. He helps us clear our mind and focus on outcomes which deliver the most returns. His methodology has triggered an entire offshoot of organisational tools and websites and has become one of the most influential books in the area of productivity. An absolute must for any busy entrepreneur who is feeling overwhelmed with too much ‘stuff’ in their head. The Virgin Way

The Virgin Way by Richard Branson

A list of books wouldn’t seem complete without alluding to the much loved Richard Branson. Crammed with tips for aspiring leaders, this is peppered with the humour and humility which we have come to expect from this inspiring role model. It's not how good you are book

It’s not how good you are, it’s how good you want to be by Paul Arden

A short read, with quirky tips – it’s a wonderful insight into how mindset can affect your entire being. There’s no doubt that advertising can be a tough industry and Paul Arden emerges with inspiring wisdom. Leave a comment with some of your favourites which you would recommend to your fellow entrepreneur – we’d love to hear of any which you feel have had an impact on your business and/or mindset.

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