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Grab my free checklist to get instant clarity on the things you should and shouldn’t include on your website. And bust through all the jargon. 

“I believe everyone is capable of building their own website.”

Vicky Etherington

No one will ever care about your business success as much as you do

And that’s why I’m so intent on being sure that you’re in the driving seat. Empowered and confident to take the reins with your most important online asset – your website. 

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Rock That Website

Wanting to build your own website?


Join Rock That Website, my 8-week signature course to take you from website numpty to website ninja. We demystify all the tech, hold you accountable and you have my complete support to get your site live by the end of the course.


Anyone wanting to understand how to create their own client-winning website with unparalleled support.

Rock That Website

Wanting to improve your online visibility?


Join The Visibility Vault, my empowering membership where ambitious business owners connect, build and grow together. You will get all the resources you need to start and scale your online business and make more money doing what you love.


Anyone wanting to get create more visibility, impact and income online with ongoing support from me.

Website Happy Maintenance

Struggling to find time to update your website?


My Website Happy package takes those small website tasks off your plate. You will get unlimited monthly changes to keep your site up-to-date, secure and fresh. Whether it’s adding new blog posts, switching images or adding keywords, we’ve got you covered.


Anyone who’s too busy and who’s  time is better spent in other income-generating areas of their business.


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Vicky websites

Hi, I’m Vicky!

Armed with a bucketload of online experience, I’m on a mission to demystify everything around getting online successfully for you.

I reluctantly tinkered with my first website in 2002, long before the days of YouTube and Facebook, and I have felt the frustration and the fear of getting online and getting visible.

I’ve made all the mistakes, and tried out all the different strategies and shiny objects, so you don’t have to.

Let’s put a stop to your website shame, find out how to blow your own trumpet without feeling like a sleazeball, and bring some leads and prospects into your business.

Join thousands of other like-minded entrepreneurs who are tackling their tech demons and building their websites like a pro.

Such an unexpected gfit

There’s nothing Vicky doesn’t know about how to build an excellent website, and her tech know-how is matched only by her courageous enthusiasm and optimism!

Delphine O’Keeffe, Embody My Truth

I sing your praises to everyone

You’re in good hands if you choose Vicky as your mentor, because she will guide you from beginning to the end, until your website is exactly as you want it.

Anne DeButte, Understanding Grief

I’m so, so, so glad I’ve taken this route

I now feel as though the only inhibitor of my success is my own imagination of where my business can grow. That’s the only thing that can hold me back.

Fiongal Greenlaw, Wellness Foundry

Website Happy checklist

Think your website needs some tweaking? Then it probably does.

get the lowdown on small changes which will make a big impact

Grab my checklist to create a website that connects and converts, so you can finally be confident that your website is bringing in the clients that you deserve, and who are longing to work with you.

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