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Ways I can help you get better results from your WordPress site

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Join hundreds of other coaches and therapists in my free WordPress Happy Facebook Community. This is a happy and safe place to support, learn, network and collaborate.

Developing trust on your website

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Trust online is such a scarce commodity. Whether you’re just starting out, or whether you have a site already, this checklist will make sure you take easy steps to develop trust on your website.

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Schedule a free 30-minute 1:1 Website Jumpstart Session with me where we develop a customised roadmap for your existing or planned WordPress website to ensure you guarantee its success.

My name is Vicky Etherington and no matter where you are in your website journey, I  empower you to have more confidence in managing your website and online success.

I am wildly passionate about teaching you all of the things I wish I had known when I built my first website in 2002.

That sense of achievement, the feeling of liberation and the surge of empowerment is infectious, and I can’t wait for you to feel it too.

I have 15 years of experience to support you and a powerhouse of resources at my disposal to help grow your business.

My mission is to empower you to get noticed online by giving you the tools you need and the confidence to use them.

Why would you learn to create your own WordPress website yourself?

No more uncomfortable conversations

Release yourself of any reliance on a web designer or the person who created your website.

Complete confidence to update your site

Never feel anxious or confused about changes that you want to make on your website again.

Unique understanding of online marketing

Put systems in place on your website which will grow your list, attract your ideal clients and skyrocket your business.

Happy Clients

A clear, logical step-by-step pathway

“Vicky is a wonderful mixture of professionalism, brilliant specialist and a calming influence who sees solutions where confusion and overwhelm could have reigned on many occasions.

Her WordPress Success Bootcamp is a clear, logical step-by-step pathway to building a new fully functioning website and the ability to manage it confidently. Her client support is second to none and she is ‘never too busy’ to help untangle a question.”

– Anna-Louise Haigh
Spiritual and Personal Development Teacher and Mentor,
Awaken Your Wow!

Never imagined I was capable

“I have been truly amazed at the end result of working through The WordPress Success Bootcamp. I never imagined I was capable of producing a website that is so wonderful to look at and also totally fit for purpose as a marketing tool for my biz.

The course has turned out to be so much richer and value-add than I ever imagined. The content is excellent and Vicky is amazing in her consistent positive encouragement and wonderful weekly support.

– Mandy Muckalt
The Change Maker Coach,
Mandy Muckalt

The most fabulous WordPress coach

“Vicky has been the most fabulous WordPress coach and has guided and supported me through every step of the WordPress Happy programme. Not only does Vicky have an in depth knowledge of WordPress she is also incredibly helpful and it felt like she was as excited about my progress as I was.

I couldn’t have asked for a better person to work with and I’d absolutely recommend her to anyone who is looking for some marketing or website support.

– Alana Curzon
Wedding Planner
Aisle & Style

So much more than just building a website

“The process was about so much more than just building a website. It forced me to further define exactly what the purpose of my business is, what clients I want to work with, and how best to communicate with them.

As a self-employed psychotherapist and coach, it’s invaluable to have a great website that operates as a vital part of my marketing and communications and links me with the people I want to serve.”

– Delphine O’Keefe
Psychotherapist & Coach,
Embody my Truth


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